About Our Pet Care Providers in Jacksonville, Florida

The team at Ruff Rubs consists of Betty J. Bennett, P.H.D. CCMT and Carol A. Jordan, CMT. For almost 20 years, these friends have combined their strengths in every venture they've embarked upon. Together, they bring you Ruff Rubs and their love of dogs!


 Betty J. Bennett — Pet Care Services in Jacksonville, FL
Horse girl (I wasn't a boy and didn't want to ride cows), ballerina, or veterinarian, and Ph.D. That is what I would have told you as a child if you'd asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. After observing a surgery on a dog at age 19, I decided against the veterinarian idea. Now, after a 30+ year career as a middle/high school teacher/administrator/district level employee as well as a university professor of education with, yes, a Ph.D., I now return to my animal instincts. As I learn through my study and experience in practice, I see more each day the benefits that massage brings to these beloved dears. I've seen healing, pain relief, rehabilitation, and general increase in quality of life in dogs with happy owners. That's all I need to know I'm doing the right thing. By the way, at 58 and retired, working with my 4 legged best friends, I'm never growing up!


Carol — Pet Care Services in Jacksonville, FL
I have been an animal lover all my life. After our beloved Scamper died when I was eleven, I begged my parents every day for another dog to love. Finally, at sixteen, my Grandfather gave me a new life companion. From that day on, I have never not had an animal in the house; seven dogs, four cats, four rabbits, two guinea pigs, 28 hamsters (who knew they could breed that fast!), 3 horses (not in the house), 5 birds and numerous fish. Originally I wanted to become a veterinarian but fell in love with pig farming while at Virginia Tech. My love of pigs is evident in the more than 350 pig figurines in my home and garden. Now, at 59, having raised two wonderful children and having been constantly employed by someone else since the age of 13, I have the chance to become my own boss. With the love and support of my husband of 34 years and the partnership of my greatest friend, Betty, I am now able to pursue my lifelong dream of working with animals once again.